Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hi my beauties! I hope you're all having a fabulous week! A few days ago I came across a company called Lilee. They are a service that send you a monthly supply of mostly beauty related items as part of a monthly subscription. I've only opened one of the products and I've yet to try the rest of the products, so I guess this is more of a haul! Here are a few of the items I got:

Mirabella Beauty Velvet Lip Pencil in "Love Velvet":
This product is smooth and creamy. It is also very pigmented. The color is beautiful for the Spring time and I would say the wear time is average since it is a creamy lip product. 

Other products in the box:
-Pelham Goods Notebook
-Heelho Heel Insoles
-Lilee Custom Colored Pencil Ruler Box
-Primrose Hill London Pencil Case
-Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette
-Prestige Cosmetics Brow Pencil in Light/Medium
-Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Orchid
-Bodipure Keratin Gloves
-Elizabeth Mott Eye Primer

Lilee box costs $49.00 a month and it includes products valued up to $100+. I'm excited to try out these other products. Let me know if you'd like a review on the other products in the box!
Have you tried Lilee before? Comment your thoughts below or any other monthly subscriptions that you love!

*These products were sent to me. I have reviewed the lip product and this is 100% my honest opinion. Other products in this post are part of the haul, but I have not tried them yet to review them.


  1. That looks so nice! Love the red lipstick crayon!

    1. Thank you doll for your comment:) Yes! The shade is so beautiful!


  2. That looks so nice! Love the red lipstick crayon!

  3. I love beauty boxes! The red lippie is such a gorgeous shade!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you beauty! I know me too! I'm always excited to see what I get. I've found some of my favorite beauty items through the years from subscription boxes:)


  4. I've actually never heard of this box, but I think it looks so nice! Thanks for sharing xx adaatude.com

  5. I really want to try that subscription boxes I think this is good option , that crayons is really pretty


  6. I always loved this concept of subscription boxes and this one is just lovely! Thanks a lot for sharing ;)
    Have a great day,


  7. That orange red is so pigmented and perfect for the 70s vibe rolling around this Spring! :)
    - Ambar x
    Her Little Loves

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