Friday, February 5, 2016

Hello beauties! I hope you are all ready for Valentine's day:D This look I created was inspired by the colors of this romantic celebration. It's definitely bold and the glitter gives such a fun and feminine touch! I adore this makeup! Here are all the details on how to get this look:


-"NW30" Prolongwear concealer as an eye primer. 

-All of the eyeshadows are from the Morphe 35O palette. Apply shadow "1" to set the concealer that was applied as primer. Mix shades "2,3, and 4" as a transition shade. Apply shade "5" to deepen the crease and outer crease. You can keep applying this shade to darken as needed.

-"Diva" glitter by Nia Cosmetics all over the lid. 

*QUICK TIP: Combine MAC Fix+ and DUO lash glue to create glitter adhesive. It works so well!'*

"Black" Clay Waterproof eyeliner by Tarte Cosmetics to create the wing with the gel and fill it in.
"Black" matte liquid eyeliner by NYX Cosmetics to darken the wing.

Dodo Lashes in "D115". You can use code 'littlemissnati' for a discount here.

"Lights, Camera, Lashes" mascara by Tarte to combine lashes with falsies.
"Bottom Lash Mascara" by Clinique for bottom lashes.

"Mocha" Brow Mousse by BECCA Cosmetics
"Clear Brow Gel" by Anastasia Beverly Hills to set the brows in place.


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