Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My January monthly subscription of Morphe brushes just came in and I'm loving them! This month it's all about the eyes. All of these brushes should be everything you need to create the perfect eye look, including brows. If you weren't aware, Morphe brushes now has a monthly subscription where you pay $20 and you receive at least $30 worth in brushes. So far I am loving everything I've received!


M173 – Mini Buffer ($9.98)
This brush is great to apply liquids. It's perfect for applying eye primer and even for contouring the nose! I love using this to blend my nose contour and highlight.

M208 – Chisel Deluxe Fluff (Currently out of stock)
This is a pretty big brush and very dense. I like using this brush to apply shimmery shadows on the lid. It cuts the time in half as it is way bigger than a regular brush this style.

M176 – Tapered Blender ($4.99)
Very nice brush for concealer. Although it's a natural hair brush, it's flat enough where you can still use it with liquids. It's also beautiful for setting the lids with a light matte shadow to prep for eyeshadow.

M209 – Chisel Pointed Fluff (Currently out of stock)
This one is very soft. I enjoy using it to apply shadow to the brow bone area as it won't give such an intense application like the M208.

M167 – Oval Shadow ($5.99)
The M167 has so many uses! It's small enough to create details. I've loved this on the brows to carve out the shape with concealer. You can also use it to tightly pack eyeshadow on the lid area.

M200 – Deluxe Crease ($9.99)
This brush is so fluffy and perfect to create a cut crease. Depending on how much shadow and pressure you use, you can create a soft blended look on the crease or a very intense cut crease.

M215 – Brow ($1.99)
I haven't used this one too much as I'm always using my holly grail Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush. The M215 has a nice diagonal shape and is very thin to create hair like textures and fill in your brows.

M217 – Bent Liner ($5.99)
This is my first bent eyeliner brush! I'm still getting around to using it as it's definitely different than any other brush I've had. These are supposed to makeup the eyeliner application a lot easier than a regular eyeliner brush.

*All brushes were purchased with my own money:)


  1. Nice brushes and I love your nails.

  2. I love this subscription- I told a couple of my clients about it who are trying to up their brush game! Thanks for sharing my love!

    Your nails are gorgeous!!

    Rhenicia | Beauty By Rhenicia

  3. This sounds like such a good subscription box! You can never have too many makeup brushes!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

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