Monday, July 20, 2015

Purple is one of my favorite shades to wear when it comes to makeup. If you have green eyes, then this shade will make your eyes pop!

Base: MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NW30
Eyeshadows: Anastasia Beverly Hills "Iridescent Purple", "Plum", ABH "Banana" setting powder for browbone, and ColourPop "Tassel" for the center.
Eyeliner: NYX Matte black liquid liner
Lashes: House of Lashes "Iconic"
Mascara: Tarte "Lights, Camera, Lashes" black mascara
Lips: MAC Lipliner "Natural", and Gerard Cosmetics "Buttercup"
*ABH: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Of course we need to start off with a good base! I am using MAC's Prolongwear concealer. This is a very high coverage concealer and does not feel heavy at all. I absolutely love it! This is the only thing I use for dark circles... but we are using it as a base for today:)

Set the eye area with ABH banana shade to prep for eyeshadow application.

Crease: Apply ABH "Iridescent Purple" and blend-blend-blend to create a smooth transition. Darken the crease with ABH "Plum".
Lid: For that nice shimmery look add a white shimmery shadow. I am using ColourPop's "Tassel". 
Brow-Bone: Since there's lots of shimmer on the look, I am staying a matte shadow. Apply the ABH Banana shade on the brow bone.

Liner: Create a winged liner with a matte liquid liner. I am using NYX's matte liquid liner in the shade black.
Lashes: You know them lashes will make them eyes pop! So I'm using one of my favorite lashes, "Iconic" by House of Lashes. Blend the falsies with your lashes by applying mascara. I am using the Tarte "Lights, Camera, Lashes" mascara in black. This will be applied to bottom lashes as well.

Lips: For the lippies I wanted to go a little softer. I used the lipliner from MAC in the shade "Natural" to make my lips larger, and then added Gerard's Cosmetics "Buttercup" lipstick...such a lovely nude shade!

This gorgeous purple look is now complete!


  1. Your makeup is so amazing!! Eyeliner on fleek xo

  2. It's sooo beautiful u are a pro at this. Love u xx

    Fab Daisy11 ~

  3. I'm not a big fan of purple eye make-up but, the outcome looks amazing!

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