Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yes and Yes! I finally get to do this post for you guys! I have been wanting to get some of these shades for some time now and they finally arrived in the mail. Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) recently launched their new liquid lipsticks just a few weeks ago. These lipsticks apply as a liquid and dry completely matte.

Here are my favorite shades:

I am in looove with them! The applicator is small enough where I don't need a lip liner. I use the applicator to apply the product as a liner and then just fill in the rest. Since my lips are small, these lipsticks help make them look fuller and the product does not smear or get in my teeth. Which I luv and appreciate! The only thing I would change if I could is the packaging decoration. Mine have been wearing off and I don't even carry them in my purse or anything. It's very strange. I have the ABH tinted brow gels (which have a similar packaging) and those will not wear off no matter how much you rub on them. Other than that, these lipsticks are just perfection!

PURE HOLLYWOOD- The perfect nude shade

LOVELY- Pinky nude

VINTAGE- Deep purple

Blue-undertone red (My favorite red shade!). This is the type of red that you can wear Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall! It's just that red shade that will always work because it is not too dark or too neon!

VAMP (left) & HEATHERS (right)-

On the bottle they look a bit different. Vamp is a deep red-brown shade, and Heathers is a deep-burgundy red. Heathers looks kind of like my hair color:) On the lips they both look almost identical. So if you are trying to figure out which shade to go for, you honestly don't need both cuz they are so similar...unless you really want both ;)


(swatches taken on natural sunlight)

So, have you tried these lipsticks yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts! I want to get some new lipsticks. Which brands and shades do you guys recommend?


  1. i really love your blog, and that's why i nominated you for a versatile blogger award here

    have a nice day xo

    1. Wow that's so sweet of you! That honestly made my day:) On my way to see the post right now!

  2. I like so much the two darkest colors ! All of them look so pigmented ^_^


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