Friday, September 5, 2014

Hellooooo my beautiful viewers!

Today I finally bring to you what I do to conceal my stubborn dark circles. I will only show you the concealing I do and a tad bit of foundation (no flush or bronzer). 

WARNING! this may look a bit bright since it is not a full makeup routine and just concealer lol.

 I have also added a highlight!

Here's what you need to know about my skin:
Combination- Oily on the T-Zone (nose and forehead), fine lines under the eyes, and dark under eye area.

You do not have to go out and purchase these products, this is just what has worked for me and hopefully it can work for you!:)

Let's a get starteeed!


    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (using: Custard)
    • Highlighting shade
    • This one is more of a skin-like texture
    • Not too matte nor dewy
    • It is the perfect satin finish
  • Concealers
Can you tell I like this one? Almost gone!:(
To really conceal those dark circles make sure you
 get a "salmon" shade or a "NW" shade.
This will help prep the eyes so that your
concealer doesn't look ashy :P
I am using the shade NW 30
  • You will need a foundation. Any favorite you have will work!

  • Setting Powder

This one is bareMinerals Well Rested Loose Powder.
It comes in a universal shade.

  • Tools

Damp Beauty Blender and her little baby
A brush to set your powder.
I am using RealTechniques Setting Brush.

Ok, now for reals, let's get started...

1) Begin with a clean-moisturized face

2) Start applying the MAC concealer in the warm-salmon shade with Beauty Blender Mini.
Since this is a warm-salmon shade, it will help conceal the dark under the eyes. So you will need to apply foundation or a highlighting concealer over it. Otherwise, it will oxidize and you will end up with a salmon circle around your eye area after it dries.

 3) Apply foundation. If you are applying a concealer afterwards to highlight, avoid the area you've just applied concealer to. Otherwise, you can apply it all over including the area you've concealed.

4) I'm going to be highlighting...mehh hehh! So I am now apply the Nars Concealer.

5) I know! Almost done! Now just set everything with the powder.

6) Voila! Beautiful right? Ok maybe not haha but I luuuuv the result!

This will last me all day. I only touch up my oily areas which are the t-zones with a powder.

If you choose to splurge on 1 of these items and can only choose 1, I highly recommend the MAC Prolongwear as it is long lasting! You can use any highlighting concealer to add on top or even use your foundation on top if you don't want to highlight.

Here are my drugstore alternatives to the Nars and the bareMinerals. I have yet to find one for the MAC concealer, it's just too purfect!

Maybelline Lumi Concealer. I am in the shade "Nude".

Neautrogena Shine Control Powder. This is a universal shade.

So this is it guys! I really hope you liked it and got something out of it:) See you soon!

P.S. No filters were used in any images


  1. Love what you did with your counselor! it really brightened up the face and looks great in pictures.


    1. Hi Tarah! Thank you so much for your comment! I know! I can't believe how much of a difference it makes! Nati

  2. This is a really beautiful and natural look. Ans so easy.. I reallly need those spunges! I apply my concealer with a foundation brush and my finger. It looks a little better with the spunges :)

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