Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello lovelies!

I have been MIA for some days but now I'm back!:) And super excited to walk you through the steps of this look I will be wearing for New Years! Be sure to follow me on IG @littlemissnati so that you can keep up to date with me.


           Base: Mac Prolongwear Concealer in NW30 & NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk
          Eyeshadows: Morphe 35B Eyeshadow Palette & Urban Decay Vice II Palette
          Glitter:La Femme Eye Glitter and NYX Liquid Crystal Liner "Crystal Silver" in Platinum
          Eyeliner: Loreal Infallible Gel Liner in Black & NYC Black Liquid Liner
          WATERPROOF EXTREME SHINE EYELINER"..feww no joke that's really the name lol
          Lashes: Ardelle Whispies
          Mascara: Benefit They're Real
          Lips: NYX lip liner "Pale Pink" and Mac Viva Glam II Lipstick


Start off your base by applying Mac Prolongwear concealer all over the lids. Then add the medium peach tone from the Morphe Palette all over the crease and above the crease. Use a MAC 217 brush to perfect this procedure. Slowly darken the crease with Vice II Palette's Rewind. Use Lovesick to darken the outer crease.

For the middle of the eye, prep the lid with the Platinum eye pencil from NYX. Then, add NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to the inner most corner. Add Shellshock over the silver base. This is the most intense silver I have ever used and always save it for special times like these! Add the white shade from the Morphe Palette to set the inner corner.

Smoke out the water line area with the same peach shade from the beginning. Then add the NYX Platinum eyeliner on the waterline.


Use NYX's Glitter Liner as an adhesive over the silver and white shadows of the lid. Top off the liner with La Femme Eye Glitter. This will really intensify this festive look!

For the wing use a small liner brush and get liner. Then top it off with your favorite liquid liner. I recommend using a liquid liner to finish this look as it's a bit hard to work with glitter. Add mascare to all of your lashes. I am using Benefit's They're Real mascara.

Since the eyes are so "BAM!", I decided to go softer on the lips. But since it's New Years I feel like you could get away with any lip shade. So if you are a dark-lip kind of girl, then pop on that color!

I am using NYX's Lip Liner in Pale Pink, and topping it off with MAC Viva Glam II. This shade is a beautiful pinky-brown nude...or that "your-lips-but-better" shade!

You can watch my video below to get all the details!

 And of course! I can't end this post without wishing you all a marvelous 2015!!! I hope that this new year is even better than 2014!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Ipsy Bag just came in the mail a few days ago and I'm so happy with what I got this month!

(Wondering what the Ipsy Bag is? Click this Link with my original post about Ipsy!)

  • CoolWay Hair Treatment
  • NYX Butter Lip Balm- Lady Fingers
  • Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
  • PIXI by Petra Fairy Dust
  • Crown Duo Eyeshadow Brush
I loved my bag this month. The Top items were the NYX Butter Lip Balm, Crown Brush and the Tarte Mascara.


This Lip Balm comes in the shade Lady Finders. It has a nice fruity smell and no flavor. I love the feel of it on the lips. It leaves them very soft and it's perfect to prep for lipstick or to wear alone. It has a bit of pigment so your lips look a bit pink/reddish.

A little swatch for you:D



I absolutely looove this brush. The quality is very nice and it applies very well. The hairs do not hurt on the face and it is synthetic. The reason why I like synthetic brushes so much is because the hairs wont absorb all the product. This is Duo ended.

I like using this side of the brush to apply concealer or to blend the eyeshadow on the crease of the eye.

This part here is a pencil brush and it's great to smoke out the waterline are of the eye, or create an intense cut crease.



The Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. I actually already own this mascara, but can always use extra!;) The bristles on the brish a thin and really separate those lashes. I also like to use this for bottom lashes.



Im' still trying to figure out how to use this product. The applicator is a bit stiff. I really like the shade of this. I have used it as an eyeshadow and apply it with some MAC fix plus to intensify the color. This product is  nice but I wish it was in an opened container instead of the applicator.

Here is a swatch of the PIXI Fairy Dust



I was really excited about this product because it is for heat control.You just use this in the shower after applying shampoo kind of like a conditioner or hair mask. I like the fact that it helps with heat damage. I did find myself still reaching for some other hair treatments that I would prefer over this one; as it wasn't the most moisturizing for my hair.

Sooo... What did you guys get in your IPSY bag?:) If you got an IPSY bag feel free to link your post below, I'd love to read your thoughts!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, now I can't wait to go play around with all this new makeup! See you guys next time!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Monday!

My MOTD (Makeup of The Day) is a very pretty Pink and Glitter look. I'm not wearing this out, but I am trying out some fun New Year's and Holiday looks! What do you guys think of the look?

  • MAC Prolongwear Concealer- NW 30 as the base
  • Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Eyeshadow Palette
  • La Femme Sparkle Dusts Eyeshadow Stack
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Gel Eyeliner- Black
  • NYC Liquid Eyeliner- Black
  • Ardelle Mesmerizing Lashes
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara

Apply Mac ProLongWear Concealer as a base all over the lid. After that, use the color Chocolate Milk as a transition shade. Then take Woolen Mittens, and Dark Chocolate to darken the outer corner of the eye. I'm also applying Dark Chocolate to the inner corner to create a "sandwich effect".

For the sparkly pink tone apply the pink dust from the La Femme Stacks. To intensify the shade moisten your brush with MAC Fix Plus and reapply the same dust. 

Add a little bit of eye glitter on top of the pink shadow. I am using the glitter that came in the same stack by La Femme.


Diffuse Chocolate Milk on the lower lash line.
Then, apply the pink Dust from the La Femme Eyeshadow Stack over Chocolate Milk. Do this a bit higher then Chocolate Milk so that you can still see both colors. On the picture it looks a bit purple towards the inner corner, but it's just lighting! 


I'm using Tarte's Amazonian Clay Black Gel Liner to create a wing and then darkening the color with NYC Black Liquid Liner.

To finish the look I added my Mesmerizing falsies by Ardelle, and then used Benefit's They're Real mascara for top and bottom lashes.

I hope you guys liked this fun Holiday look! Comment below if you'd like a video tutorial!:D


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hello Again!
As some of you may have noticed, I am obsessed with all things makeup. One of those things, is the winged eyeliner. For the longest time I was sure that winged eyeliner did not go with me. But later I came to find that It was just because I was doing it all wrong! lol

Although I am not nearly an expert at this, I have definitely improved my technique. I want to share with you a few of these tricks I've learned ;)

Here's what you'll need!:D
          1. Eyeliner Brush
          2. Gel Eyeliner
          3. Liquid Eyeliner
          4. Makeup Remover or Makeup Remover Wipes
How To:
step #1                                                                                     

Start off my making a tiny diagonal line on the outer end of your eye. Be sure to raise the line towards the end of your brow. I am making the line with the eyeliner brush and a little bit of black gel eyeliner.
step #2                                                                                     

Shape the line as you would like. *TIP* Do this with your eye opened. The BIGGEST mistake I used to make was closing my eye. This will make all the difference!

step #3                                                                                     
Fill in the line with the gel liner.

step #4                                                                                     

For the finishing touch: Go over the entire eyeliner with "liquid" liner. This will make the look more vibrant! Use a wipey to clean up any mistakes.

You're all done!
???  About the Products ???

Thin Eyeliner Brush- This can be a regular brush, felt tip, or brush eyeliner. I don't recommend using a pencil unless this is very thinely sharpened. A pencil is good for the waterline area. The thinner the brush, the sharper you can get your wing.
My Fav at the Moment:
Tarte Duo Eyeliner Brush. You can also find very affordable brushes at Walmart from the crafts section. I got a set of 10 for about $5...what a deal!:D

Gel Eyeliner- If you are using a brush. 
My Fav at the Moment:
Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black. It dries completely matte without smudging. I recommend applying this quickly as it dries fast on the skin, this can make it look a bit "crusty" (could you say? lol) if you are layering the product. I also reaaaally like the gel liner from L'oreal.You can also get this from Walmart, I just used mine up and need to buy a new one. But this is a great cheaper alternative. The finish is not as matte, but this product is very easy to work with!

Liquid Eyeliner- This I like to use on top of the regular eyeliner. It will intensify the look and also help it last longer.
My Faaave at the moment:
NYC Liquid Liner. This is so so affordable and the product will last you a long time. It comes as a brush and the brush is very thin.

This is wonderful for those times where my eyeliner doesn't go where I want it to. If I make a little boo-boo I just take a wipe and clean it up:)
My Fave at the Moment:
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes. These are oily enough to where they don't feel like you're rubbing really hard, but not too oily either. I have very sensitive skin and I get texture on my skin from almost anything! But these wipes have not given me any issues yet.

Keep on practicing. I can promise you that It will get easier as you practice more and more;)

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. If I ever have a sponsored post I will be sure to let you guys know!:) I purchased all of these items myself based on reviews I have read. This is 100% my opinion upon trying these items and the results I have seen.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Friday lovelies!!

A lot of you requested a video tutorial on the makeup look I last blogged about. I made a video for you guys that really explains what I did to get the look! Be sure to go support me on my YouTube:

Here is a link to the original post! :D

Let me know of your looks and blogs so I can come support as well! I love learning new things from fellow bloggers:)


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Okey Dokey (on top of ol smokey) Did anyone ever watch That's So Raven?.....o.O   aha

 I have been nominated by  Kaity's Beauty Bits  for the Liebster Award. For those of you who haven't heard of this, new bloggers with less than 200 followers can participate. You just need to:
  • provide 11 fun facts about yourself
  • answer the questions below
  • and nominate 11 bloggers of your choice (just be sure they have less than 200 followers). 

Alrighty then lets get started:D
  1. I am a Pisces baby
  2. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  3. Embarrassing moments shape my life pretty much. I am talking bare-butt embarrassing...literally.
  4. Soft spot for pink, shiny, and fluffy things
  5. Sweet is better than salty
  6. My herman [her-men] (sister) is my best friend
  7. I lost 30 lbs once as a weight loss goal I had
  8. I will go on any roller coaster
  9. Favorite subject in school is joke.
  10.  Loooooooooooove Buffalo Wild Wings
  11. I like to sing while blow drying my hair

1) Where were you born?
I was born in ViƱa del Mar, Chile, on St. Patty's Day!
2) Describe yourself in 3 words
 Mysterious, sexy, and a philanthropist. No I am kidding....3 words...I would say artistic, brains, and beauty.
3) What is your guilty pleasure?
Buying makeup (don't we all?), truffles, and stiletto nails.... oh and french macaroons! Yassssssssssss!
4) What quality do you appreciate most in others?
5) What do you hope to accomplish some day?
I don't hope, I will dye my hair JLo"bronde" without it turning brassy one day.
6) Three things you cannot live without?
Family and friends, my home, and makeup;)
7) Who are your favourite bloggers?
I have been following and and cannot get enough! You guys! Definitely go check these girls out.
8) Why did you start blogging?A lot of my friends and family have always asked me about my makeup or different fashion-related things I tend to do. I've promised many that I will teach them. This is the perfect way so that I can teach them all at the same time.  And anyone that stumbles upon my blog and social media can learn as well!:)
9) If I could live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?
Right where I am...Utah. Home is where the family is. You hear the birds chirping outside (as long as it's summer). And you still have your local Sephora to visit. But If I could visit somewhere, it would be Italy and anywhere there is a beautiful island.
10) What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
 I would
shhhhhh quit my job... as in where I sit for 40 hours a week-not beauty related. I like my job, but if it's not necessary and I could be crossing off my "My Dreams" list, why not? I would buy a home and finish paying off all our bills. Pay off mine and my husband's parent's home and invest.

11) What did you want to be when you grew up?
I remember that in 9th grade we had this thing called Reality Town,.. since I was a little smarty they allowed me to become a Dentist. I later wanted to be a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. Now, I am still deciding what I want to be.
I hope you enjoyed this little about me! Let's go support the following girls. I nominate:

Be sure to visit these amazing bloggers and good luck them!:D


Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today's look was highly requested and I'm excited to share it with you guys! It is a beautiful gold with plum look. This is perfect for this time of year. You can also easily change up the look by adding browns instead of gold. So without further ado, let's get a started! :D

As usual I am taking my favorite eye primer, "Painterly" a paintpot by MAC, and applying this all over my lid. Remember that adding a primer will help even out the color of the lid and the stickiness of the base will allows the shadows come out true to color, and last all day.

For the shadows I am using a purple color from Morphe and the rest are all Lorac Pro Palette eyeshadows. I feel like I've been using these shadows a lot...they are just so easy to work with and very blendable!

Apply the plum color on the crease area and blend it upwards a bit higher than the crease. Then add "Taupe" to the ourer crease area and slowly build it inwards. Darken the color by applying "sable" over the taupe color. Remember to blend! To deepen the color, add the darkest brown shade in the palette. This is "Espresso".

For the gold color, I am using Nyx's "Pure Gold" Jumbo Eye Pencil on the lower lid. I then added the "Gold" shade from the Lorac Pro Palette and slowly blended it to combine with all the other shadows. Remember not to go past the crease! To finish the eyeshadow I added "Nude" to the inner most corner to give it a highlight.

I recently purchased Tarte's Amazonian Clay Gel Eye Liner. I am loving this product for the upper eyeliner. It is waterproof and will no smudge. This also dries completely matte. Using the eyeliner pencil that came with the gel eyeliner in the shade "Black", create a wing and fill in the area with the liner. Go over the liner with NYC black liquid liner.

Today I used Ardelle Whispies. Fill free to use any lashes you'd like!

Bottom Lash Line
For the bottom lash line I difuseed the plum color on the outer end and difused the same "Gold" on the inner tear duct area. This will create a nice gradient from plum to gold. To finish the bottom lash line I lined the waterline with L'oreal's Gel Liner in Espresso. I find that this brand of liners works well for the water line as It won't transfer to the eye area.

Finish off the look by applying mascara to all of the lashes, including falsies and bottom lashes.

I then went in and finished my facial contouring and highlight. You're ready!

Stay tuned for my highlight and contour routine! Coming very soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look... a video on this look will soon be uploaded on my Youtube channel which I will link in an upcoming post. Hope this look brightens up your Monday:) xo

Monday, November 24, 2014

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Hello lovelies and Happy Monday! :D

I am back with another makeup look and I hope you enjoy this one. I usually post all the pictures on Instagram and then explain how I got the look and the products here on the blog. Sometimes I will make a video and post it on my YouTube Channel. If you guys are interested in a video tutorial on any of the looks I do, let me know!

My main focus for this look was November's IPSY bag. I recently posted what I got on Instagram. I'll be trying out the products and do a review for you guys on my next post. I wanted to go neutral on the eyes since the lip color is bright. 

Base: MAC paint pot in painterly. Apply this to the entire lid to help eyeshadows last all day long. This will also help bring out the pigment in the shadows.

Shadows: Lorac Pro Palette #1. Apply Cream for the brow bone area all the way down to the crease. For the crease I used Taupe with a blending brush. I am using a MAC 217 brush. Then I added Gold on the lid area below the crease and lightly diffused Sable on the outer-V area.

Eyeliner: Use You're So Fine glitter eyeliner to create the winged eyeliner. A great way to get the wing is to start with your eye opened. Once you have the shape you want you can then close your eyelid and fill-in the wing.

Lashes: Apply your favorite eyelashes to make those eyes pop. I am using RED Cherry Lashes in # 82 And DUO dark tint lash glue.

Face: I am using Revlon Colorstay foundation all over the face and my tried and true concealers: MAC Prolongwear concealer in NW 30 and Nards Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard.

Apply a matte bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks, forehead, nose and jaw to contour.

For blush I went with a rosy color from my Tarte Unzipped palette. A rosy tone will match the lip color better.

Highlighter: I am using the beautiful liquid highlighter I received in my Ipsy bag for November by Temptu. This pinkish shade looks beautiful on the upper cheek area and gives you a natural glow.

Lips: I lined my lips with a crown lip brush and J. Cat's Wonder Lip Paint I received in my Ipsy Bag.

To finish the look, spray a setting spray so that your makeup lasts longer. I am using  to get this effect Rouge Underground makeup sealant for this step. This also came in my Ipsy Bag.

I really hope you guys enjoy this look. Be sure to let me know what you'd like to see and find me on Instagram on @littlemissnati.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hi Guys!

Each time I see that cute pink bag in my mailbox I remember It's that time of the month!...The Ipsy Bag is here!...with tons of great products to try out. There are always products that I love and some that are aighhhh you know... lol.

For those of you new to the IPSY Bag boat, it is a monthly subscription of $10. You pay $10 usually the 1st of the month and around the 15th Ipsy sends you beauty products. You take a test on their website selecting your style and the kinds of things you like, and this helps them figure out what to send you. It is so worth it! And perfect if you are out on the market for new products but want to try out the product before splurging.

For November #GirlMeetsGlitter I got:
  • Silver glitter bag
  • A picture
  • You're So Fine eyeliner
  • J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint
  • Temptu Highlighter
  • Rouge Underground setting spray
  • Marc Anthony Morocco hair spray

The Review


I really enjoyed the applicator in this eyeliner. It is so thin and perfect to create that "winged-eyeliner". I love that! Something that would have made this product better is the glitta. The glitter would sometimes get in my eye. No glitter would have been better. This eyeliner claims to be waterproof which it definitely is! It did not smudge at all!


This is a great lip stain. I would definitely wear this and the formula is great and long lasting. The color just didn't suit me much. The color had some pearl tones to it. These are dupes for the OCC Lip Tars!


So this is a liquid highlighter and I am obsessed! This is perfect to mix with your foundation or to use alone for that natural glow. It is the perfect shade: not too white and a bit pinky- Definitely a product I would re-purchase.


This isn't my favorite setting spray when applying. It squirts out a bit too harshl instead of a mist. Other than that, I would say it did help maintain my makeup longer than usual.


Very great product! It leaves your hair soft and still holds a curl. It also has a really good smell! You can smell this from the other end of the house!Sulfate free is always a plus. I really liked this hairspray and it is easy to find: I found it the other day at Walmart. So far I have to say that this hairspray and L'oreal Elnett Satin are my fave hairsprays.

I really hope you guys liked this review and found it helpful. Let me know what you got on your IPSY bag and any looks you've recreated! Stay tuned for my November IPSY makeup recreation.